Reballing XBox 360 without special equipment

I want to talk about Reballing a XBox360 without special and expensive equipment like BGA Rework Station (costs about 110 Euros) or Infrared Rework Station (costs from 1200 Euro), what I tried to do, is just use very chip equipments.

Step 1:
Desolder the Chip

we take the GPU for our first desoldering try, of course the most XBox360 problems are causing by this component.
XBox360 Motherboards cannot sustain a very high amount of temperature and will lose their flat form and deform, therefore it is very important to use 2 Metal L-Form parts and fix them using 6mm Screws to Motherboard.

we also need a Hot Air Gun and

an SMD Vacuum Pen

I also put 2 metal corner connectors to reduce the heat achieving other parts on Motherboard.

to start of work, heat about 1 or 2 minutes the backside of Motherboard, don't keep the Hot Air Gun on one point and move it permanently to all corners, also use circular moves on back of GPU.

I took a film from the whole process.

Step 2: Cleaning GPU and Motherboard from Solder

 the next step is free up the Motherboard and GPU from solder and make them ready for setting balls on them. here is a film how to do it.

Step 3: Cleaning Motherboard from Solder

like step above, clean the Motherboard from Solders to have a flat underground to soldering back the Chip.


  1. Videos do not show reattaching the GPU to the motherboard. Was that successful using your heat gun? On the lowest setting? Why not show your console working after all this? Seems incomplete.

  2. It's not a proper reballing because you're using a heat gun.

  3. It isn't a "proper" reballing, it is only a desoldering. Very misleading title. However, given a good quality heat gun and a lot of talent, it is quite feasible to reball only with a heat gun. I just want to know if the person in the video was able to boot the board after reattaching the gpu using on the heat gun method.

    I'm thinking there is a reason there is no video showing the reattaching/booting.

  4. good video tutorial about reballing x box 360,
    i still got error in my console,
    thanks for this post

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